Low Testosterone Quiz

Go ahead and give our Low Testosterone Quiz a Try!

Low Testosterone Quiz

Are you experiencing fatigue or loss of energy?

Do you get the urge to have sex less frequently?

Do you have difficulty getting or keeping an erection during sex?

Are you frequently irritated, angry, or in a bad mood?

Do you feel consistently nervous or anxious?

Do you have trouble concentrating?

Do you forget things more than you used to?

Are you having relationship trouble with your spouse?

Have you been gaining weight, particularly around your abdomen?

Do you seem to be losing strength and muscle tone?

Have you been experiencing joint or muscle pain or aches?

Are you having difficulty sleeping?

Has your performance at work decreased?

Do you suffer from night sweats and hot flashes?


Remember that only a certified medical professional can diagnose you with Andropause, if you have answered “YES” to 3 or more of these questions, then you may be feeling the effects of  Andropause.

Make sure to review the numerous posts and articles on this site for more information on Low Testosterone as well as Low Testosterone Boosters designed to help you get your ALPHA MALE STATUS back!

Suffering with the effects of low testosterone in today’s day and age is unnecessary. There are many medical and all natural therapies available depending on the cause(s) of your Low T.


The regular depletion of this critical hormone leads to a variety of nasty side effects especially if you are an active male over the age of 35.

The average male after the age of 35 loses around 1%-1.5% of his testosterone per year. Doesn’t sound like much but it has a major effect of BEING A MAN!

A number of common symptoms of having Low Testosterone are:

  1. Low Sex Drive
  2. Hair Loss
  3. Difficulty Achieving and Maintaining an Erection
  4. Low Energy Levels
  5. Reduced Semen Count
  6. Decease in Lean Muscle Mass
  7. Sever Mood Swings
  8. Brittle Bones due to a reduction in Bone Mass
  9. Increase in Body Fat especially around the waist and chest areas
  10. Loss of Mental Focus

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